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Marketing  – No Positions available 
The marketing of an event is vital to a project’s success. The marketing specialist handles the promotion of the event, by designing posters or flyers as well as material to use on OMNIA’s social media channels. If you are communicative and creative, this could be the specialisation for you!
Bonus if you:
-Are detail-oriented
-Have experience with Photoshop or video editing
-Social media knowledge
-Have writing skil

Finance – No Position available 
The finance specialist is responsible to create a budget for the project considering all expenses. If you are good with numbers and planning, Finance could be the specialisation for you!
Bonus if you:
-Have advanced Excel skills
-Have knowledge about budgeting

Events – No Positions available
The events specialist is responsible for the interaction between OMNIA members concerning a specific event. Their responsibilities also include organizing the events and run those events from the idea to the exectuition. If you are outgoing and good with people, events could be the specialization for you!
Bonus if you:
-Have good networking skills
-Are a good presenter

Human Resources – No positions available 
The management of people is a key aspect in a project. The HR specialist makes sure things run smoothly within the project team. They are additionally responsible for the organisation of volunteers when additional manpower is needed outside of the core project team. This also includes managing the relationship between volunteers and OMNIA through things like feedback surveys used for future improvement. If you are highly organised and good with people, Human Resources could be the specialisation for you!
Bonus if you:
-Have experience with conflict resolution
-Have advanced Excel skills

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